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An Interpretation and Guide to Help You Enjoy This Form of Art.

It is not definitive and not necessarily even accurate. It is intended solely to stimulate your thought and to provide a reference against which to compare the images shown.


Remember always: Beauty lies in the “I” of the beholder.

That’s you.

Wabi Sabi is an attitude, a philosophy. It is a form of meditation contemplating space and time and their effect on material objects and on the absence thereof.

Simplicity is at the core of things in Wabi Sabi.

Beauty can occur spontaneously at any moment given the proper circumstances, context or point of view.

Beauty is thus an altered state of consciousness, an extraordinary moment of poetry and grace.


Art is a story of itself, not of something or of someone else.

It is not deliberate, it simply is.


Wabi Sabi seeks to free itself from the common addictions to style, bling and theatricality and rather to contemplate, interrogate and value the surroundings and that which is to hand.


In a world of availability and plenty we tend not to value or even see the detail.

We overlook the obvious and seek the sensational.


Put otherwise,we might not see not see the trees for the forest.

Wabi Sabi lies is in the awareness of the beauty inherent in everyday objects to which we are so accustomed that they are taken for granted and are normally overlooked and unseen.


Wabi Sabi lies in the appreciation of the commonplace and its intrinsic value.

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